The Rebranded Me

fear of the unknown

The deepest and most organic death is death in solitude, left alone in the dark all she could think about is why life has given birth to her, love never smiled on her neither did hope, all she has got left is the beauty of her inner thoughts, within her,no one knew about her existence except for the personality inside of her, jesse never knew whom she was until she gave in to the fact, that the world at large was full of every other person that needs little or no attention to excel,and so she picked up herself from her world of mysteries and fear of the unknown, only to find out the challenges she had was called low self esteem in the real world,and so she learned that she was the only jesse with a dark hair and white eyes ,so for her whom to love and show love isnt a challenge anymore because she choose to be  inspired by re- branded me,in essence you and me are responsible for the choices we make, its up to you to take up the challenge re brand the you inside of you that fear of the unknown cannot conquer

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