SPECIAL SET OF SPECIE: Article by one of our readers.

Check our this inspiring article by one of our readers.

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My name is Sophia and i am 14 years old. Peer pressure was my worst nightmare ,today i have a name for it because i have got the antidote to handle it, i was living in a world where the people i grew up knowing as friends did everything i ever thought i can do better than me,reasons being i never bother to put extra effort on anything i do because i was subject to always abiding by their rules little did i know i was a more special specie than they are, i never discovered who i was, everyday

i live in fear of being subject to my age mate reasons being i felt they did everything better than me and that i was never going to be good enough for whatever they knew how to do. i kept on dreaming of how one day ill leave up to my dream of standing up for myself and people being under me seeking for my wisdom to get things done. I was living in fantasy until i came across a write up some day by the road side stating; we only live once but that if we do it better once is enough to either make ourselves happy or be a looser. Immediately, the word looser struck me and from that day onward i stood up for my self both in class and among my peer group stating my opinion and doing things the way i feel it right to be done letting go of fear and today the scared Sophia is gone with the wind and here i am a special specie of my own sort. I make the rules and put in extra effort to gain result in everything i do.

Image result for looserImage result for looser

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