Kerry Tucker’s Inspirational Story After Seven Years in Jail

Read the inspiring and life changing story of Kerry Tucker

In 2004, Tucker was sentenced to seven years’ jail after pleading guilty to stealing $2 million from her employer. It was one of the largest white-collar crimes committed by a woman in Australia. But rather than break her, prison made her, and this modern-day Eliza Doolittle has gone from prisoner to PhD student.

Danielle Cormack as Bea Smith in an episode of TV drama .

The story of how she rebuilt her shattered life is in the hands of Hollywood producers and her experience behind bars is the inspiration behind Wentworth, the critically acclaimed remake of the much-loved Australian drama series ‘Prison’.

"Being in prison has made me a better person,'' Tucker says, "and I wouldn't change it for anything. Apart from the time away from my daughters, it's a journey that I've been privileged to be involved in. I'm not proud of what I've done or why I went to jail, but I can't change the past: it's who I am and I have to embrace it and use the experience to make something of my life."

"I made a huge mistake out of the desire to be happy and I've paid the price. I have enormous remorse for all of the people that were affected, but I couldn't change what I'd done, so I made the conscious decision to do the best I could going forward."

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