Some Bizarre Reasons why Crime is Commited

We will be running an episode on some bizarre reasons why some  people commit crime. We will take them episode by episode and each episode for each day. You be the Judge here. Consider whether their reasons really justify their actions.

Now Let’s have one for today!

DAY ONE:            Attempted Murder, Reason: To cure a headache



We may all be guilty, at one time or another, of accusing our significant others of being a pain in the neck. Well, one Utah man was convinced that his girlfriend was a pain in the head. A literal pain in the head; he believed she was causing his crippling headache, and that the only way to get rid of it was to shoot her.

So he did. Neighbors heard the gunshot and called police, who arrived to find the man hiding in a ditch, still clutching his 9 mm handgun. He readily admitted shooting his companion; according to court documents, “He stated that his head began to hurt, whereupon he believed that the only way to ease the pain in his head was to shoot (her) . . . (he) believed that by shooting (her) she would die, and the pain in his head would cease.”

The woman was hospitalized in critical condition, but survived. The man is awaiting trial at the time of writing, and is hopefully still suffering from the headache.

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