Need Rehabilitation?

okojOur mission is to develop and provide evidence-based rehabilitation programs that facilitate positive change in the lives of offenders through our dedicated team of social skilled workers. We are non-profit corporation dedicated to addressing the causes of criminality and restoring the criminal’s self-respect, public safety and sane values through effective education and common sense programs. American author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard discovered that every criminal career began with a loss of self-respect. When man could no longer trust himself, only then did he become a real threat to society. Our programmes address Drug Education and Rehabilitation, Character Building, Ethical Behavior, Literacy, Education and Life and Thinking Skills including Anger Management, Communication, and Parenting Skills. Our services are not limited to those in prison, but are effective in crime prevention and lowering recidivism and in diversionary settings. Included in the Rehabilitation Programs are:

1. “InnerChange” Faith-Based Pre-Release Program

2. Sex Offender Rehabilitation Program

3. Peer Recovery Support Services

4. Faith and Community-Based Liaison: The Rehabilitation Programs Division serves as a liaison between local governmental agencies, public and private groups, such as victim’s rights groups and advocacy groups, to promote and coordinate rehabilitative opportunities for offenders. Get covered, Get involved

Rehabilitation Programs 1

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