About Us

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Who we are:

As non-profit orgnisation we are dedicated to addressing the causes of criminality and restoring the criminal’s self-respect, public safety and sane values through quality legal representation and evidence-based rehabilitation programs that facilitate positive change in the lives of offenders through our dedicated team of social skilled workers which comprises of Lawyers and non-lawyers.

Our programmes address criminal litigation, Character building, Ethical Behaviour, Literacy, Education and Life thinking Skills including anger management, Communication and Parenting Skills. . Our services are not limited to those in prison, but are effective in crime prevention and lowering recidivism and in diversionary settings.

We also assist the society in spotting social policy issues and campaign for a change by influencing policy makers.



The four guiding principles that are important in fulfilling our aims are:

  • FREE

FREE: The Social Solutions-Nigeria believes that everyone has rights under the law, and access to those rights should not depend on income. Getting our rights could take a lot of time and effort, and if people had to pay many would decide they couldn’t afford it. So, one of our principles is that we provide a free service.

CONFIDENTIALITY:People wouldn’t come to social Solutions-Nigeria with their problems if they think we are going to gossip about them or communicate confidential information to other agencies. Thus, as one of our guiding principles, we make it as a rule that anyone in the Social Solutions Service who has access to client details will have to sign a confidentiality declaration.

TRANSPARENCY: We are open and transparent in all our activities and in our relationship with our stakeholders, sponsors government, volunteers and the general public.

INTEGRITY: We uphold the virtues and practice of honesty, and truthfulness in all our dealings. Our relationship with our stakeholders, i.e., beneficiaries, sponsors, partners and communities is guided and strengthened by integrity.

INDEPENDENT: Although Social solutions Nigeria may get some of its funding from the Government, it is not part of the government and it is free to challenge government’s decisions on behalf of a client. The organization is also independent from all its funders that give money to the agency.

IMPARTIALITY: Impartiality here means the SSC does everything it can to help every client, whoever they are. As part of our aim ‘’to provide the service people need…’’ not just people we like or whose views are similar to our own, but all people.

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