What is your current earning like? Is what you are earning sufficient enough to take care of your needs? Connect with EDF Empowerment Platform and make money on the side. Go home with N50 to N100, 000 monthly.

  • Extend your helping hand to those that need it while at the same time you make money on the side. Do you know from every contact we get or you facilitate for us, you get 20% of each subscription by the same contact.

EDF Marketing Group is a company with thousands of Associates throughout Nigeria and beyond, who are dedicated to helping people and raising fund for our noble cause while making money on the side with mind blowing compensation packages for facilitating Contracts, Conferences, patronizing buyers for our products and lots more.

Become a EDF Affiliate, so you can get to where you want to be and make money for yourself while at the same time helping the society to solve its challenges through our noble cause.

Our platform puts you under the direct tutelage of some of our best field ambassadors. These ambassadors will show you the ropes and inspire you to develop professionally in ways you’ve never imagined. The EDF MARKETING platform is based on a mentoring model, which means you will not be alone as you build your own business within the platform.

You will receive world-class training, tools, and resources that will help you take your business to the next level and grow with us. We ask that you browse the various sections of this website to find out more about the company and how you can take advantage of this platforms.

To get started complete an Associate Membership Agreement (AMA), pay N2, 000 and you are ready to start building your own business on the side. To join and schedule an appointment with a EDF professional for more details, please see below.


Please Fill in Your Details  Below and we will get back to you within 24hours:

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