Are You in Detention or Prison and Needs Help?

Are you in police detention or in prison custody whether innocently or because of an unusual attitude which put you in that situation? At EDF we aim at addressing the causes of criminality and restoring public safety and sane values through our Litigation Service, Character building, Ethical Behavior, Literacy, Education and anger management.

These mean that we can assist with the legal and financial support that you need to get you out of your situation.

We can also take you through some of our classes on Character building, Ethical behaviour, Literacy and Anger management seminars. This is because we believe that the best way to tackle crime is from the inside. So this platform works on the way we reason and therefore affects our body reflex positively.

Partner With us today to take advantage of our benevolent Service

To Partner please follow these steps:

  1. Pay a yearly partnership fee of N20,000.00
  2. Scan and send to us your payment slip if paid offline or to our bank account provided below
  3. Get your Receipt of Payment from us.


  1. Account Name: Evans B. Giayetor

  2. Account Number: 3077484809

  3. Bank Name: First Bank PLC

To Partner with us online or with your ATM Card, please click on The Button Below:

                                            Click to pay

    N20, 000

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